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When I pull up WeatherBug I get an Error box that says that I am running a script error, do I want to continue to run it ...yes or no...I cannot get it to go away no matter what I answer..not sure what I could do. It is getting to be more and more of a problem. Anyone else have this problem at all??



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What version of WeatherBug are you using? Version 6 or version 10 beta?

Hi There,

It says 6.8

Also says I do not need to update at this time

Thanks for your help, we have 3 computers and use Google Chrome..they all do it


error message" target="_blank">°&FC7=84°&FC3=94&FC2=4&FC1=4&D3=7&D1=1&A2=22&A1=50100&&keyword=

says ..The value of the property "Krux" is null or undefined..not a function object

Thanks for the info. I'm having someone from Desktop Support chime in here to answer your question. I know it's a common error that happens from time to time.

Additionally, you can head on over to the WB10 beta group on here if you want to start beta testing WB10.

You can try the following to reduce/eliminate the script errors. This is otherwise a known issue that the engineers are working on correcting with D10.

First please close out of the Weatherbug application. That can be accomplished by locating the Weatherbug icon on the task bar and right clicking on it; A menu will appear, choose "Exit Weatherbug Desktop," then please follow the instructions below:

1. Open Internet Explorer and select "Tools" from the top menu and then select "Internet Options"

2. Select the "Security" tab

3. Make sure you are in the "Internet" zone. (which can be selected by clicking on the icon).

4. Then select "Custom Level" and click that

5. A new window will open, scroll down until you see the heading "Scripting"

6. Make sure the first one called "Active Scripting" is enabled

7. Then click OK

8. Then click "APPLY" - if you do not see "APPLY", click on "OK"

9. Close and restart Internet Explorer

10. Start Weatherbug, your problem should be fixed.

Sometimes activating Active X on all websites will fix this issue as well.

If you go to and do a windows update, click on the bar at the top of the page to allow Active X to run – you should select it to run on all web pages.

Lastly, please try changing sponsors. Select SITE MAP and then click on the "Select a new Sponsor" link at the bottom of the Weather Fun category.



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