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Does anyone know why the home weather stations don't show up on the Weatherburg App. Does anyone have interest in this.....sure seems like it would be a great asset for Weatherbug to promote.

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This is something we desperately need to do. I'm trying to find out a status on how quickly we can pull this off but haven't gotten too far. Anyone interested I say keep chiming in here in hopes our mobile team will see it and act on it quickly. This is long overdue and something our mobile apps really need. Sure, we have, but it's clunky.

This is the primary reason I signed up for WeatherBug and added my station:  because I read somewhere either on this site or somewhere else that backyard stations appear on the Android app and therefore I could monitor the conditions at my house from my app.

Obviously not.

This is a big feature that is missing from Weatherbug.  If they don't allow people to view my neighborhood data I will close up shop here and go elsewhere.

Weather Underground had me live in a few hours. 

Nathan... myself, I love the mobile WeatherBug,  having  the personal weather stations appear in it is not an issue with me.....if it's something later on down the road..   that's cool.

As far as the App itself I find it a lot better than AccuWeather's  and The Weather Channel App.

The WeatherBug App..  I have it loaded on my Ipod.   the looks are great   and  features  are very nice.

It's all I use for Weather on my mobile device.

This is the reason why I signed up for Weatherbug Backyard. If the Android app could see my Backyard Station, I would pay for the Elite version.

Honestly without this feature, I will probably stop transmitting data to Weatherbug. Why should you get my data for free? I already transmit to Weather Underground, where I can get my data from their app, or BeWeather, and they keep a historical log of my data.

I can see Mark's point on this.   I have the WeatherBug App on my Ipod and the only Stations in my area I can see is  3 Fire Stations.

The only thing ..  I wanted to point out.  A lot of people are uploading Data  that do not have a true Weather Station installed  at  their Location   and are just downloading Metar Reports  from their City Airports  and sending in that Data to WeatherBug.

Perhaps something like this needs to an Individual signup thing  for the people that are part of the BackYard Community  right here on the website.    Like Current active  members.  They could choose to be added or not.

I think this is a great idea.  I wonder how we would make it happen?

I Love the WeatherBug App! I really would like to set my PWS as a default station!! I contribute to CWOP and WU. I think this is a lot better but falls a little short!

Thanks Brian,  I to like the WeatherBug App and would love to see my PWS on there.  Nathan, is there any update on the status of this.  I am sure anyone with a PWS would love to see this feature added to the app.

We've got some great news regarding this coming up. Stay tuned and as soon as I have a concrete date to share, I'll be making the official announcement.

Just got a new Win 8 machine and installed WB as one of my first apps, and was pleasantly surprised to see my PWS listed in the Weatherbug tracking stations list, but was dissapointed to find that when I select my PWS, although is shows as my current home location, it is not displaying the data from my PWS, rather a WB tracking station located about 5 miles away.  How frustrating is that??  Any update on when our own PWS data will be displayed??



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