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Hey everyone,

With the launch of the new Windows 7, many of you have been wondering if WeatherBug is compatible with Windows 7. The answer is YES. We have released a minor update to iron out all compatibility with Windows 7, and we even have a version that offers location-services access as well. With the location-services edition, you simply have to click on "Locate Me", and WeatherBug will automatically find your location based on your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot utilizing Loki and Skyhook Wireless Technology. We've been using this at for a while, and we've finally implemented it into WeatherBug on the desktop. Both editions are available for download here. Your existing WeatherBug Plus subscription also works with the latest update. It also works with the 64 bit editions with Windows 7, as I'm running my copies on 64 bit editions.

Some might be asking, is this the rumored "WeatherBug 7", especially since the Windows 7 Compatibility Site listed WeatherBug 7.0 as the compatible version. I'll have to say, no this isn't. This is a minor update to WeatherBug 6 to make it play better with Windows 7, as well as add the location-services access. "WeatherBug 7" is not out yet, and we haven't really started on it, although we've been tossing around ideas about it. We're hoping maybe next year we can begin working on it. Rest assured, when WeatherBug 7 is available, you'll all know about it. I do know that when we do work on it and finally deliver, it will be absolutely amazing and nothing like you've seen before. 

Last updated by Nathan Parker Nov 9, 2009.


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