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Share your media with others! Upload your weather-related photos and videos to our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery, or checkout our National Weather Videos at to see how the weather is happening across the nation from our team of dedicated WeatherBug meteorologists, or tune in or participate in one of our live weather shows on Backyard TV (WBYD-TV)Flickr and YouTube integration make it simple to pull in your personal photos and videos from Flickr and YouTube into the WeatherBug Backyard Community without having to re-upload them to the community.

Not sure how to get starting sharing your photos and videos? Read this note for a few pointers, and watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to share your content with the WeatherBug Backyard Community.

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Photos posted on the Backyard Community are posted here for sharing within the community. The most popular photos each week, will be submitted for featuring on the WeatherBug web site and applications.


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