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Sola Virtus Observatory Morning Report 02.17.17


"Waning Gibbous Moon before it set this morning" Chem-Trails all over before sunrise... then mats of  Clouds began overspreading, making it difficult to image...How coincidental...

"Mostly Sunny With Seasonable Temps For Harford Co. MD.

Weather Summary For Last 24 Hrs:   Partly Cloudy at dawn becoming Mostly Clear then Variable Cloudiness thru early afternoon Cold and Windy with a few Snow Flurries. The High Temperature reached 35.3°F at 4:02 pm....Daytime Peak Wind Gust..NNW @ 25 mph at 1:41 pm.  Skies became Mostly Clear after sunset.. Breezy early, decreasing Winds and Cold overnight... Low Temp: 19.1°F at 7:00 am.  Clouds began increasing just after sunrise making it difficult to image the moon this morning. 

What I'm listening to while Blogging:... "The Spirit of Radio by "RUSH" ..Here is Pennsylvania native Avery Molek at age 6 years performing his cover version....

Other Current Conditions as of: UTC:  1300Z      UTC - 4 Hrs:   0800Z       EDT:  8:00am 

Sky: Mostly Cloudy....Cloud Base Height: 1220 ft.....Altimeter: 1012.9 m.....Solar Rad: 58 W/m2..... Vapor Pressure: 0.09......Air Density: -1796.61...,,Pressure Altitude: 658.96 ft.... Current Ground Surface Temp: 29.4°F.....Leaf Wetness: 0.....Current Wind Chill Value: 21°F.....Precip Since 12 am: 0.00"

Soil Data:             6 Inch Depth            24 Inch Depth            36 Inch Depth

Soil Temp:                    34°F                           37°F                            40°F

Soil Moisture:         8 Centibars                11 Centibars                22 Centibars  

Davis Precipitation Last 24 Hrs:  12 am to 12 am

Precip:    0.00"

CoCoRaHS Precipitation Last 24 Hrs:  7 am to 7 am

Precip:    00.0"

Snow:       0.0"

Ice:            NA


Precipitation Total:  January      February      2017 YTD Total:

Davis Gauge:            3.53"           0.94"                     4.47"

CoCo Gauge:            3.46"           0.92"                     4.38"    

# of Precip Days:         20                 6


Current Total Snow/Ice Depth:   0.0"


2016 YTD Total:

Davis Gauge:    49.90"

CoCo Gauge:    49.60"

More Data At The Sola Virtus Observatory Here     

Weather Underground KMDWHITE7 Data and Graphs Here

NWS and SVObservatory WXSIM Forecasts For NW Harford County. MD:


NWS forecast:  Mostly sunny, with a high near 43. West wind around 6 mph.

WXSIM forecast:  Clouds early then Mostly Sunny.. Daytime High around 46°F...Winds: NW....Calm to 10 mph.


NWS forecast: Partly cloudy, with a low around 33. South wind around 6 mph.

WXSIM forecast:  Mainly Mostly Clear.  Low around 29°F... Winds...SSW and Variable at times.. Calm to 5 mph.




X-Ray Status:                                        


Geomagnetic Field Status:


Today's Overall Allergen Forecast Score:   NA







Astronomy Watch:  

Tonight - February 17-18, 2017




Moon and Jupiter in the Southwest before dawn..... Venus reaches GIE on the 17th....

Much going on this week. Find the Moon and Jupiter late night or before dawn to the Southwest...they will be the 2 brightest objects in the sky with the Star Spica close by. Venus, the brightest body in the sky other than the Moon will have set hours prior.

Venus reaches its GIE or greatest illuminated extent, where it is at or near its greatest brilliancy in Earth’s evening sky. 

Greatest illuminated extent means the day side or illuminated side of Venus, is covering more square area of Earth’s sky than at any other time during this current evening apparition of Venus. And that means that Venus is brighter around now than at any other time during its approximate 9.6-month reign in the evening sky.

Venus is actually at its brightest or highest magnitude on February 18, about one and one-third days after reaching its greatest illuminated extent. Why not on the same day? In a nutshell, its because of calculating the many changing quantities which include, distance, angular extent and phase angle or relativity of the angle of Earth, Sun and Venus to each other.

You might think Venus appears most brilliant when we see its disk as most fully illuminated from Earth. Not so. If you were to observe Venus with the telescope at its greatest illuminated extent, you’d see that Venus’ disk is only a touch more than one-quarter illuminated by sunshine.

A full Venus is always on the far side of the sun from us, so its disk size at full phase is always small.

It’s only when we see Venus as a crescent that this world comes close enough to us to exhibit its greatest illuminated extent, at which time its daytime side covers the greatest area of sky.

The time of greatest illuminated extent for Venus – for Earth as a whole – is 07:00 UTC. Converting the clock time in U.S. time zones, Venus is at its greatest illuminated extent on February 17, at 2 a.m. EST, 1 a.m. CST, 12 midnight MST and at 11 p.m. PST (on February 16).

No matter where you live on Earth, Venus appears in your western evening sky after sunset.

Don't forget little is still above Venus in the west after sunset. Lots to watch for in the evening sky.

Meteor Count Avg. Per Hr. Last Night:  2...Cloud Sensor detected  a few passing clouds.....

Fireball Count:  0

Clear Sky Chart Explanation Can Be Found Here...

Latest Weather Cam Image:


"I Don't Always Play Guitar, But When I Do, I Prefer Old Stratocasters"...

My 1957 Stratocaster    "Mairi"....



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Comment by Cathie Ursu on Friday

That's a pretty altocumulus cloud cover that you have in this picture.  I haven't seen one like that for awhile.  With this warm weekend that we're expecting, I'm hoping to see some robins any day now.

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Another round of heavy rain will threaten northern #California residents with flooding.

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Cathie Ursu commented on Josh Henderson's blog post Sola Virtus Observatory Morning Report 02.19.17
"Kaiya looks to be having a great time.  My old Irish Setter would have played ball until she dropped . . . literally."
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