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Record Low Temperatures All Across New Mexico

The doves seem to be having a difficult time coping with the cold.

The villages of Angel Fire and Eagle Nest in Northern New Mexico boasted the coldest temperature in the country at -36 F (-37.7 C) on Thursday morning.  Albuquerque set a record low temperature of -7 F (-21.6 C) surpassing the previous low set in 1939.  Five other cities set all-time records, Moriarty -34 F, Pecos -31 F, Ruidoso -27, Capitan -22, and Socorro -14.  Moriarty is about 40 miles East of Albuquerque on the East side of the Sandia Mountains.  Temperature highs around the state ranged from a low of 9 F at Ruidoso to 25 F in Silver City in Southwest New Mexico.   I recorded a high of 18 F (-7.7 C) for the day.  Winds here were less of a factor than previous days with a high reading of only 9 mph. As a result of the unusually cold temperatures, approximately 32,000 people around the state are still without natural gas as a result of frozen regulators in the pipe line coming out of Texas.

Overnight temperatures moderated somewhat around the state on Friday morning.  My home, at the Eastern edge of Albuquerque, recorded a low of 7 F (-13.8 C) this morning.  It has now warmed to 33 F (0.5 C), the wind has switched to WSW at 1 to 2 mph, and the sky is clear.  All of our major snow drifts have been cleared and we are almost back to normal.

The doves shown above huddled in the sunny areas of the yard where the snow was melted away.  As the sun moved across the yard they moved and huddled again.  I have never seen them do this before, and they are doing the same thing today.

Take care and keep warm,


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Comment by Patricia Arline Murphy on February 5, 2011 at 10:47am
Doves are my favorite bird. I used to have many...neighborhood cats have reduced that number to my dismay. Those huddled doves are lovely and I'm so glad there were enough to clump together for body heat. Poor babies. That's very cold for them and I hope the majority of them manage to survive okay.
Comment by Kay Brooks on February 4, 2011 at 8:21pm

These are white-winged doves, Cathie, although we do have mourning doves visiting our feeders often.  I am concerned about the doves shown here because the morning it was 10 below here I saw the doves huddled together in the hanging tray feeders.  They weren't eating, just huddled together where there wasn't any snow.  Later that day when I went out to put more food in the trays one of the trays held a dead dove that appeared to be frozen.  I had seen it about an hour earlier and it looked up at me when I went out but didn't fly away.  I shrugged it off as it being cold and not wanting to fly.  Then when I saw these doves following the sun across the yard I decided they really were cold and were searching for some warmth from the sun.  They are just not used to having below zero temperatures so they may not be acclimated to handle it.  Just a guess, but I felt bad for them.  Kay

Comment by Cathie Ursu on February 4, 2011 at 7:32pm
Doves are pretty hardy.  Are those mourning doves?  They look like it.  Anyway, I have mourning doves all winter long.  They live in my spruce trees and eat the seed that the other birds scatter from the feeder.

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Winter just won't quit in the Denver area; snow is falling but just not sticking yet.

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